OG vs Team Secret WEU DPC Spring Tour betting analysis

By Kenneth Williams


Mar 24, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

OG and Team Secret are both gearing up for one of the most important matches of the Western European DPC season.

After a disappointing fifth-place finish in the first 2022 Dota Pro Circuit season, Team Secret is looking to bounce back with early wins in the Spring tour. OG stands in its way as an explosive fan-favorite. The two squads will close out the second week of the European DPC with a heavyweight best-of-three series. With relatively even odds on the table, out betting analysis calls how bettors can profit from OG and Team Secret’s best-of-three brawl.

All odds used in this OG and Team Secret betting analysis piece were accurate at the time of writing. For best odds on every Dota 2 esports match, always head to Winners.bet.

OG WEU Spring DPC betting analysis

OG has only had one match thus far in the current DPC season, but it was one to remember. The 2-0 stomp over Nigma Galaxy Racer included a very impressive 24-7-34 score line from OG’s safe lane star Artem “Yuragi” Golubiev. Vengeful Spirit was a gutsy pick for a game two, but a fast Scepter into Wraith Pact made for an overwhelming force in team fights. Mid laner Bozhidar “bzm” Bogdanov is also playing well, and two reliable win conditions are always better than one.

Fourth place in last season and third in the regional finals outranks Secret’s performance on both fronts. OG’s planned second series against Team Liquid was actually delayed at the last minute due to a mysterious game-breaking bug. This gives bettors a great opportunity to scope their performance before the series against Secret.

Team Secret WEU Spring DPC betting analysis

The Team Secret dynasty is still reeling from an unfortunate performance in the last DPC season, though the squad’s recent placings are deceptive. The fifth-place run included a big win over Tundra Esports, which is currently the team to beat in the Spring tour. Secret’s run at Gamer Galaxy Dubai was also plagued by a double jeopardy against BOOM, the eventual champion of the event. 

Secret’s match against Team Liquid earlier this season started out even, but game two was the biggest stomp so far. The 27-8 win was spearheaded by a 9-1 performance on Death Prophet from Michał “Nisha” Jankowski. Nisha also performed very well at Gamer Galaxy, sporting 641 GPM and 743 XPM averages despite a 3-5 games record. The Team Secret mid laner’s ability to play from ahead and behind makes him a solid threat regardless of the opponent, which could catch OG by surprise.

Team Secret vs OG WEU DPC betting pick

The oddsmakers have Team Secret and OG pegged as the evenest match of the entire WEU Dota Pro Circuit season. With 1.86 odds for Secret and 1.84 for OG, this is a risky yet rewarding Dota 2 betting opportunity. Aggressive bettors should place stakes now since odds are likely to change after OG’s makeup match against Liquid. More conservative bettors ought to wait and see the outcome of that match before committing. If Liquid wins, Secret becomes a much better prospect. 

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Our analysis says that OG is the smarter pick due to the higher payout and its spotless record. Regardless of the outcome, OG should still stand a solid chance of winning against Team Secret. Go for a smaller bet on OG now or wait for results against Team Liquid and decide from there. A 2-1 series score is likely either way, so handicap bets might be the way to go.


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