OG looking average at CS Summit 5 after series against G2 Esports

Steven Rondina • December 13, 23:46

OG is in the middle of its long-awaited entrance into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive at the CS Summit 5. So far, the team isn’t looking especially great.

Through two days of competition in the event’s group stage, OG boasts a humble 2-4 record after a few group stage series. The team went 0-2 against mousesports, 1-1 against Virtus.pro, and 1-1 against G2 Esports.

The team made its official debut on the opening day of CS Summit 5 with a series against mousesports. Things opened terribly for OG as the team fell behind 8-0 in the opening game. OG managed to turn things around a bit ahead of the second half and won the second pistol round, but a successful force buy from mousesports led to another winning streak that closed out the game 16-8.

The second game was far more competitive as OG stormed out of the gate on Dust 2. Though the team looked ready to close out the game early, mousesports settled in comfortably in the second half and rallied past a 27-kill game from Valdemar “valde” Bjørn Vangså to take a 16-14 victory.

That strong showing against one of the world’s best teams in mousesports might have been a sign of good things to come in different circumstances. When day two of the group stage kicked off with a hardfought series against Virtus.pro, however, it took on a much more negative feel.

Both games against saw OG squander significant early leads, allowing Virtus.pro to take things to overtime. VP managed to complete the comeback in the first while OG avoided the sweep in the second.

Day two closed out for OG with a series against G2 Esports. The opening matchup on Train went very poorly as OG failed to leverage the CT side’s advantage on the map in the opening half and was closed out shortly thereafter to the tune of 16-9. The second map was arguably OG’s best showing at the event, as the team went back and forth en route to a 16-14 victory.

OG’s CS Summit 5 performance raises early questions

OG’s entry into Counter-Strike was an exciting bit of news, given the star-studded roster that includes Nathan “NBK-” Schmitt and Aleksi “Aleksib” Virolainen. Speculation was abound over what the roster was capable of, but if these first six maps are of any indication fans ought to temper their expectations at least a bit.

The team didn’t look bad by any measure as they were competitive against a surging mousesports and a formidable G2, but these series indicate that OG isn’t going to instantly become an elite team.

Of course, it’s also very early to be jumping off the bandwagon. Though there will undoubtedly be some that dismiss OG as the latest flash in the pan full of big signings but doomed to poor results. The team still showed some flickers of strength in their first event.

They will likely stand as against MiBR and narrow favorites over Furia Esports for their matchups on the group stage’s final days.


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