OG Ceb receives punishment for disparaging remarks made in pub game

Neslyn Apduhan • June 19, 2019 7:25 pm

OG has publicized penalties imposed onto Sébastien “Ceb” Debs just a few days before the last major tournament of the current Dota Pro Circuit season.

Last month, OG offlane player Ceb was involved in a heated controversy due to a racial slur used in a public match.

Ceb apologized to the community and explained his side of the story. He clarified that he used the word “Russians” to address his teammates who had played Storm Spirit and Nyx Asssassin, and not to generalize all Russian players.

People reacted differently in response to the incident. Virtus.pro Captain Alexei “Solo” Berezin initially announced that he would not participate in the Epicenter Major unless Valve took action.

Two days after the announcement, Solo revealed that detailed discussions between OG, Virtus.pro, and Valve are ongoing as they finalize a solution.

OG acknowledged Ceb’s mistakes and took actions that they deemed appropriate for the offense. OG went through a careful deliberation of the incident and its impact in the Dota 2 gaming community.

“We want to make it very clear: we firmly condemn all the offensive words that Ceb used during that game and we took actions accordingly,” OG said.

As a public figure, Ceb is expected to uphold good conduct. His current status in the Dota 2 scene comes with responsibilities, but he failed to meet the expectations of the community in this incident.

As a penalty for his wrongdoings, OG will fine Ceb the equivalent of one month’s salary. All gains from the Epicenter Major will be donated to a chosen charity. The charitable foundation will also be revealed to the public soon.

OG is actively working with Virtus.pro to address their dispute and propose something to better the environment around the two teams. OG is currently trying to organize a show match with Virtus.pro on the main stage of Epicenter Major in Moscow, Russia.

Teams will start playing in the group stage of the Epicenter Major in just two days.


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