Nocturne nerfed on LoL patch 11.14 after solo queue dominance

By Christian Vejvad


Jun 29, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

League of Legends patch 11.14 has hit the Public Beta Environment (PBE) for testing and will be including some much-needed nerfs to Nocturne especially. 

In the most recent patch preview, Riot’s new lead game designer Jeevun Sidhu gave some insight into the upcoming changes. The patch will include some nerfs for Nocturne, which many have been waiting for after seeing his dominance in solo queue recently. Furthermore, the patch will include responses to champions that were hit too hard by the recent systemic mobility changes and newly updated champions.   

Nocturne nerfed on LoL patch 11.14 after high win rates

After having more than a 53% win rate in three roles over the course of patch 11.13, it’s time for Nocturne to take a hit with the nerf hammer. The Eternal Nightmare has been a scary pick in the solo lanes and also the jungle for the past weeks. He has also seen a lot of play on the professional stage, which will likely only increase when the biggest leagues move over to play on patch 11.13. 

For the upcoming patch, Riot will be toning down Nocturne by giving a big damage nerf to his passive Umbra Blades. From now on, the empowered attack will only be 50% effective on minions. This will hurt Nocturne’s laning phase a lot and give him a disadvantage in pushing out lanes and split pushing later in the game. 

What these changes won’t take away from Nocturne is his great ability to roam and make plays around the map. The changes will only tone him down in lane and against minions, but keep him as a scary assassin. These changes might mean that Nocturne won’t be as prioritized for solo lanes but instead taken back to the jungle as his primary role. 

Coorporate Mundo

Dr. Mundo and Tahm Kench adjusted on LoL patch 11.14

For Dr. Mundo and Tahm Kench, they will both be treated with some adjustments after their very recent reworks. For Mundo, these adjustments will include a higher attack speed at level 1 and some changes to his passive that will make it scale over time and increase its cooldown. Mundo will also get more early-game damage on his Infected Bonesaw (Q) and more damage against monsters on Blunt Force Trauma (E). 

Tahm Kench will also have his abilities adjusted after seeing some poor win rates on the first patch after his rework. Riot will be changing the scaling on his damage from An Acquired Taste passive and make the healing on Tongue Lash scale with flat numbers alongside his percentage of missing health. Furthermore, Riot will increase his cooldown and mana refund on Devour (W) and increase his shield on Abyssal Voyage (R). 

When will LoL patch 11.14 release? 

As with any other League of Legends patch, 11.14 will have to be tested on the PBE for the better part of a week for Riot to make last-minute adjustments. When it has been tested, the patch is set to go live on Thursday, July 8, according to the LoL patch schedule


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