Nisqy: “It’s highly likely I won’t be playing next split”

By Nicholas James


Nov 12, 2021

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Fnatic’s disappointing performance at Worlds clearly signaled change would be coming to the roster in many fans’ eyes. However, the offseason rumor mill suggested that most players would be finding new homes for the 2022 split. In a twist, Yasin “Nisqy” Dinçer said on a recent stream that it was looking increasingly unlikely that he would return to the competitive League of Legends scene for 2022.

Nisqy was meant to be part of Fnatic’s rejuvenating effort, rebranding the team’s League of Legends presence after the transfer for Martin “Rekkles” Larssen to its rivals at G2 Esports. This effort appears far shorter-lived than many expected, with Nisqy set to have his contract transferred elsewhere. Despite the collapse of the roster at Worlds, Nisqy seemed a promising asset for teams both in Europe and abroad.

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Nisqy may take a break from the LEC

Nisqy had spent time in the LCS before returning home in 2021 to take up the mantle of Fnatic’s mid laner following the departure of Rekkles. His offseason prospects appear to have dwindled, however, given his statement on a recent Twitch stream. Despite still boasting the Fnatic sponsorships, Nisqy won’t be sporting the orange and black, or potentially any jersey come 2022.

Europe is seeing major roster shakeup rumors, from G2’s legendary roster disbanding, to players from spring and summer champions MAD Lions swapping teams. Nisqy’s apparent inability to find a suitable roster is only the latest twist to hit the League of Legends offseason.

The end of the year has been a wild ride for fans of professional play, with fans and community personalities alike remarking on the staggering wall of talent unaccounted for in the year’s roster shuffles so far.

More news is sure to come as the free agency window officially begins and teams can begin filling in the remaining roles for their 2022 rosters. Hopefully Nisqy can find a team before play begins next year since the mid laner has proven himself as a capable competitor despite a poor end to the year.


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