Ninja talks streaming and Mixer move with comedian Kevin Hart

Olivia Richman • December 11, 2019 4:00 pm

Fortnite phenomenon Tyler “Ninja” Blevins appeared on Kevin Hart’s “Cold as Balls” YouTube show, where he discussed his move to Mixer, playing Fortnite with rappers, and talking trash to opponents. 

After taking off their robes, comedian Kevin Hart and Ninja slid their legs in a tub full of ice. Immediately, Hart came in with some intense questions. 

“When did you know you could take this love of playing games to the level you’re on now?” Hart asked Ninja, who had only barely submerged his legs. 

The popular streamer discussed his past playing Halo when he was a teenager. He noted that winning Halo tournaments wasn’t sustainable, so he turned to streaming. Ninja then told Hart that to be a successful streamer you have to be “the best” or you have to be “frickin’ hilarious” with a good personality. 

“As a father, my son sits and watches people play games. For a while you’re confused. What the fuck are you watching? What are you doing son?” Hard responded. “What you just said makes so much sense. You’re watching someone do what you like but at a high level.”

Hart was still disappointed that Ninja didn’t have a catchphrase. 

The conversation shifted to talking smack. Ninja admitted that he received technicals at tournaments for taunting opponents. Hart asked him what kind of things he said, and Ninja was quick to answer.

“Get fucking destroyed. You’re literally trash,” Ninja said, which made Hart tear up in laughter. 

As the two slid their torsos into the ice water, Ninja discussed streaming eight to 10 hours a day. Hart asked him how intense it was, and Ninja admitted he gets the “nits,” which are the “nervous shits.” 

In fact, he got the “nits” when Drake reached out to him, asking if he’d ever want to stream Fortnite. But Hart quickly turned on the famous rapper when he learned that Drake had been late to the streaming session multiple times, basically leaving Ninja waiting all day just to cancel. Still, Ninja had nothing but nice things to say about Drake, telling Hart that when he’d first received the message to stream he’d jumped up and down with his wife. 

Ninja also played Fortnite with Travis Scott, who had called Fortnite’s bandage item a “band aid.” 

Hart immediately ragged on the rapper, saying, “Way to set black people back!” 

Ninja talks becoming a successful streamer

The YouTube video already has over 1 million views just one day after its release. While most of it was entertaining, Ninja did open up about the serious side of streaming near the end. 

“How can streaming be better?” Hart asked. 

According to Ninja, there are 2 billion gamers in the world, and 4 billion people with access to internet. That’s something Ninja reminds himself of every day. One thing he attempted to do to get to more of that audience was cross over to China, but their regulations have made it difficult. 

“You gotta fucking get over there!” Hart exclaimed after hearing the numbers. 

“I’m trying, man!” Ninja yelled back.

Hart was also astonished at the amount of money there was to be made with content creation and competing, especially once Ninja revealed that the Fortnite World Cup had a $30 million prize pool.

Hart asked Ninja how much money he had, to which he responded, “Enough.” 

Hart even asked Ninja why he moved from Twitch to Mixer, something that had shocked the streaming community in August. 

“Contrary to popular belief, it really wasn’t a money play,” Ninja said. “A lot obviously think it was. The deal was better to continue to grow our brand.”


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