Ninja signs exclusive deal with Hollywood talent agency CAA

Olivia Richman • October 14, 2020 4:45 pm

Streaming superstar Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is making his first big step towards a career in Hollywood. 

Ninja recently signed with Creative Artists Agency (CAA) for representation in all areas, according to The Hollywood Reporter. CAA states that it represents “storytellers, trendsetters, icons, and thought leaders who shape popular culture” across film, digital media, and sports.

CAA represents thousands of the world’s “leading actors, directors, writers, producers, comedians, authors, athletes, chefs, and designers.” Their mission is “building new brands and businesses” inspired by their client’s ideas and interests. 

Ninja opened up about his Hollywood dreams in August after moving back to Twitch. He expressed interest in “literally anything and everything Hollywood,” including movies, voice acting, and cartoons. Ninja will appear in a video-game themed movie starring Ryan Reynolds called Free Guy, coming to theaters in December. Previously, Ninja also competed on “The Masked Singer,” disguised as an ice cream cone.

Signing with CAA is a step towards Ninja’s goals to explore new possibilities outside of streaming. 

CAA represents many of the biggest names in Hollywood, ranging from Jackie Chan to Tom Hanks to Chris Evans. This also isn’t CAA’s first foray into the realm of gaming, as the agency has signed the likes of popular streamer Dr Disrespect and League of Legends broadcast talent James “Dash” Patterson. It also works with some of the biggest athletes in the world including David Beckham, Derek Jeter, and Peyton Manning.

While Ninja is pursuing multiple entertainment venues, the popular streamer isn’t planning on leaving Twitch. He signed a multiyear contract with the streaming platform after a year away streaming on Microsoft’s now-defunct Mixer platform. The past few days, Ninja has been playing for about five-hour sessions for his 16 million followers. His games of choice have been Fortnite, Valorant, and Among Us. 

Though Ninja will likely remain on Twitch for the time being, working with CAA is definitely a big step forward for him.


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