Night. Market returns

Night. Market returns for Valorant Episode 4 Act 3

By Fariha Bhatti


May 10, 2022

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Valorant’s popular Night. Market is returning for thrifters and skin collectors alike. Extravagant skins are officially going on sale for a limited period of time. 

Valorant’s shiny skins are a sweet dream for many, but not everyone can afford them. The guns can cost an arm and a leg, setting players back potentially hundreds of dollars. Skin enthusiasts don’t think twice before pressing the buy button, but competitive players often settle for the default weapon skins due to high prices. There are cheap skins in Valorant, but everyone wants a taste of the more exclusive and expensive ones. 

In December 2020, Riot Games introduced Night. Market as a gift for loyal players who wish to buy pricey cosmetics without paying the full cost. It lasts for a brief period and returns with brand new skins each time. This act’s Night. Market is now upon us, and players are prepping their wallets. 

The store will run from May 18 to 31.

Night. Market returns to Valorant for two weeks 

The Night. Market is back again with exquisite guns at sale prices in Valorant. Players will be able to buy at least two premium guns at as much as a 50% discount. This means players can get weapons like Reaver, Ion, Prime, and more at lower rates. 

However, getting desired skins in the cards depens entirely on luck. Valorant’s Night. Market is entirely random and can sometimes include low-tier weapons. But two prime skins are guaranteed unless you have already bought all premium items in the game. This act’s Night. Market would be attractive as Riot Games has recently rolled out multiple exciting bundles. New bundles rarely ever spawn in the thrift store, but players should keep their fingers crossed.

The Valorant Night. Market can be found on top of the menu tab. A mysterious new card appears among other options whenever the Night. Market becomes available. Click on this card to unveil items listed on your sale-price shop. The shop disappears after a limited period of time, so players must be quick with their shopping.

When is the Valorant Night. Market in Episode 4 Act? 

Valorant Episode 4 Act 3’s Night. Market begins on May 18 and will run through May 31. 

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The schedule for the Night. Market in Valorant entirely depends on developer Riot Games’ whims, but there’s a pattern: last December, Night. Market arrived on December 10. The next Night. Market came on February 11. So far, there have been eight such sales. Most of them appeared after approximately a month and a half. So there’s still hope if you can’t afford to shop cheap skins in the current act. Players can still benefit from the Night. Market if they’re willing to wait another month and a half.