Nickmercs, TimTheTatman react to Dr Disrespect sexting minor

By Olivia Richman


Jun 25, 2024

Reading time: 3 min

Streamers close to Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm have reacted to him admitting he inappropriately interacted with a minor on Twitch.

Dr Disrespect was permanently banned from Twitch in 2020, leaving fans wondering what happened ever since. While he initially claimed he didn’t know why it happened, inside sources recently alleged that Dr Disrespect had used Twitch Whispers to privately message a minor. At first, Doc denied these claims and his fans were quick to point out that no evidence had been publicly shared to support the accusations.

Now, Dr Disrespect has decided to come clean before “riding off into the sunset.”

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Dr Disrespect admits he sexted a minor

Earlier today, Dr Disrespect announced on X that he was banned from Twitch for using Twitch Whisper to message a minor in 2017. He claimed, however, that there were “no real intentions” behind the messages and that maybe it had been a bit inappropriate but “nothing more.” He went on to say he never met the minor.

“Now, from a moral standpoint I’ll absolutely take responsibility. I should have never entertained these conversations to begin with. That’s on me. That’s on me as an adult, a husband, and a father. It should have never happened. I get it. I’m not perfect and I’ll f—ing own my s—. This was stupid.”

Dr Disrespect went on to say that he was not a pedophile and that any labels were an exaggeration.

Nickmercs, TimTheTatman react to Dr Disrespect

When the Two-Time shared his side of the story, the streaming community as a whole immediately condemned him for his actions. Many felt he was trying to downplay what he had done and warned him to “go away” as he originally intended.

Two supporters and long-time friends of Doc, Timothy “TimTheTatman” Betar and Nick “Nickmercs” Kolcheff, have now spoken out about the admission after fans demanded answers for over a day. Nickmercs was especially dogged on since he had previously accused the LGBTQ+ community of harming children yet appeared chummy with Dr Disrespect.

“I read through Doc’s tweet and in that very tweet he basically confirms that he was texting an underaged girl and it went weird sometimes,” Nickmercs said. “That’s unacceptable. There’s no excuse for something like that. I can’t support it. I can’t defend it.”

Nickmercs said he’s torn up over the situation since he has played a lot of games with Dr Disrespect.

“Absolutely insane, bro, everything I’m seeing,” said fellow friend TimTheTatman. “It’s a very difficult thing for me personally. I think, for me, my bottom line is if what he is saying — where he said he was messaging a minor and it would suddenly teeter on inappropriate — if he knew that was a minor, I cannot support that. I can’t.”

TimTheTatman added that it was “eating him up” but found the situation “awful.”

A lot of fans applauded TimTheTatman and Nickmercs for not defending Dr Disrespect and speaking out against his actions. Others, however, felt that the two went “soft” on Doc and should have been more firm on their reactions.