NICKMERCS calls out CouRage for being carried in Apex Legends

By Olivia Richman


Aug 21, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

100 Thieves streamer and co-owner Jack “CouRage” Dunlop had his recent Apex Legends accomplishment overshadowed by drama with Nicholas “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff. After hitting Apex Legends Predator rank, NICKMERCS basically told the streamer that he was carried to the top by better players.

CouRage recently left Call of Duty: Warzone to play Apex Legends, a move that many other streamers have made recently due to the large number of bugs and hackers in Warzone. While playing Apex Legends, CouRage made it his mission to climb up the competitive ladder and reach the highest rank, Apex Predator.

But instead of congratulating the popular streamer, a lot of people claimed CouRage was carried by his teammates, NiceWigg and Tannerslays. One of the loudest and biggest voices to echo this sentiment was NICKMERCS, another streamer who has started playing Apex Legends.

Despite being one of CouRage’s teammates during his journey, NICKMERCS didn’t seem afraid to call out his fellow streamer publicly.

“I love Jack, I really do,” NICKMERCS said. “But I don’t care if I’m on stream or if it’s him and me sipping a drink… I’m gonna tell him. He got carried.”

CouRage responds to NICKMERCS about being carried in Apex Legends

As the “haters” continued to bash CouRage for allegedly being carried to Apex Predator status, the streamer decided to lash out on Twitter. He told his haters to spend time improving at the game instead of “chirping” at him.

CouRage then posted a tweet of him smiling in his sleep with a caption jeering those who criticized him:

Despite his cheeky tweet, CouRage later got worked up when he saw a Reddit thread discussing how he got carried to Apex Predator. Calling the internet “an interesting place,” CouRage wrote that he received thousands of comments telling him that he didn’t deserve his rank, was carried, and even that he is “total trash.”

“I didn’t reply to any,” CouRage said. “Just kept grinding, learning, and doing everything I can to get better at the game.”

In his heartfelt response to haters, CouRage said it deliberately played solo queue to help him understand the game better. He came away with a lot of insight into the game that he shared with fans, including that they should use Seer, pick the Charge Rifle, and always use a microphone in ranked.

Other streamers and pro gamers stuck up for CouRage, condemning the behavior of people on Reddit. Many noted that “casual players” in Apex Legends have always been a toxic community. CouRage admitted that he had wasted too much time responding to haters and has since moved on to different topics.


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