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New wall bang exploit on Nuke is only viable if you’re smart

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 11, 2023

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will soon be replaced by a shiny new CS2, but players continue to find mind-boggling tricks, and this fresh wall bang on Nuke is too good to be true.

Nuke is the latest map to enter CS2 beta, and those who couldn’t get access have found a new way to enjoy the same old map in CSGO. Players have discovered a bug on Nuke that allows them to eliminate enemies on the top story from B basement.

A player has discovered a surefire wall bang from B to A site that would result in insta-death if the enemy is standing in the red zone.

Almost all bullets shot from B site sliced through the metal opening, landing on the top story’s floor. Meaning the chances of turning this into a kill are plenty. However, it’s quite a feast or famine bug since this isn’t an area CTs hold for too long. But it’s still quite a powerful exploit when timed correctly.

CSGO players find a new wall bang on Nuke

Wooden doors on the first floor that open inside bomb site A are typically crowded with CTs trying to break into the area. The key moment to attack this red zone is in the middle of the round, when CTs have tackled the enemies outside and made their way inside.

Nuke run boost

Since footsteps echo all across Nuke, it would be pretty easy for the player in the basement to squeeze full juice out of this exploit and spam through the bugged area. When timed correctly, this bug can be game-breaking, resulting in heavily injured enemies and maybe even an easy kill.

CSGO has many jaw-dropping wall bangs, and players continue to find new ones as the game draws closer to a wrap. Players may want to enjoy these tricks while they exist because Valve may tighten all loose screws and iron out the kinks before publicly rolling out CS2 in the summer of 2023.


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