New Valorant map Breeze confirmed in official teaser by the developer

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 21, 2021

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Episode 2 Act 2 is wrapping up soon and the developer has dropped more details about what’s coming in the new act. 

Each Valorant Act lasts for about two months, which gives players plenty of time to grind and ladder up before their rank is locked. Apart from rank changes, new Acts in Valorant bring significant updates and new additions to the game. Previously, the developer added new agents like Yoru, Astra, Killjoy. However, Act 3 will likely expand the map pool with the addition of a new location dubbed as “Breeze,” aka Foxtrot. 

Data miners have dug up plenty of clues about the upcoming Valorant map set in fresh beach scenery. According to leaks and cyphers, the next location to host Valorant agents will be a Caribbean Beach where players will fight for Radiant in Act 3. The new teaser confirms that leaks may be accurate. 

The developer published a scenic view of the clear beach, teasing the upcoming map. The short clip featured a breakfast table sitting on a  comfy bed with soft pillows, facing a calm blue sea. White sand, bright-colored flip-flops, and the Breeze rustling the curtains were also a prominent part of the teaser. Safe to say, the warm Breeze map is the complete opposite of chilling Icebox released in last Episode’s Act 3. 

The developer has hidden various easter eggs about the new location in current maps. Posters of Breeze can be spotted on maps Split and Bind. Tiny brochures are also stapled on pinboards around different sites, hinting at the new map. The developer also revealed more images from Breeze, which gave a deeper peek inside the warm location.

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The images looked a lot like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s old map Cobblestone that was later excluded from the competitive pool. The photos revealed boulders sitting at the lake’s edge and a cobblestone building with texts like cruising, exploring, and sit back written in bold. The leaks are quite telling of Breeze’s theme that is undoubtedly different from the previous five maps. 

When will the new Valorant map Breeze release? 

The new map will be released in the upcoming Episode 2 Act 3. A new act starts right after the previous one ends. Episode 2 Act 2 will likely end on April 27, which means that the new map should be out on April 27 or 28th at max. The patch release date and timing may vary due to region differences. 


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