New Valorant bug allows instant weapon reload without using Orb

Fariha Bhatti • May 28, 2021 8:16 pm

Having unlimited bullets is now possible in Valorant thanks to a new bug. 

Valorant player AlmostYT1 has discovered a major glitch in the game that allows players to reload their weapon without long animations. The player shared a clip from Ascent, where he refilled his weapon after emptying an entire magazine. The reload animation was omitted mid-way, allowing him to continue with the shooting. 

Valorant rifles have 30 bullets only. Vandal players may think 30 is enough, but Phantom players can have a tough time reloading after spraying down. The new bug is highly critical as it allows players to shoot down as many enemies without waiting to reload.

All you have to do is stand on top of the ability Orb placed at the entrance of each site and spam your weapons. 

How do you have unlimited bullets in Valorant?

The player who discovered the video revealed that the bug could be activated by spamming the Orb and reload key. He had set the interact key to the mouse wheel down to make it quicker so each time his magazine empties, it supplies quickly without the animation. The Orb started flashing on his screen while he shot down multiple enemies on Ascent point B entrance and instantly reloaded an empty weapon. 

Many players claimed that a similar bug was observed in the previous patches. The glitch was brought to the developer’s notice, who claimed to have fixed it in the following patches. However, the problem still persists after testing it on multiple maps and Orbs. While it’s not precisely a game-breaking bug, it can undoubtedly ruin many situational duels around the Orb. 

Valorant has paper-thin walls that allow for easy wall bangs. Using this new bug, players can equip an Odin with a bigger magazine and perch on top of an Orb. By spamming the Orb key, players can easily get kills through wall bangs, and quick auto reloads. Orbs are placed on all site entrances, and the one outside point B on Ascent is the most critical one as it’s one of the most common spots for wall bang. 

The developer will likely deliver a hotfix for the bug as it’s a relatively consistent glitch. A lot of players have tested it on different maps, and it works the same for everyone. Riot Games has omitted patch 2.09 to maintain balance during Valorant Champions Tour, so it remains to be seen when the bug gets fixed. 


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