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New Valorant agent Astra accidentally leaked by Riot Games

by | Feb 27, 2021

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Reading Time: 3 min.

The Valorant community got an abundance of information on Agent 15 much sooner than expected. 

The Valorant Russian YouTube channel accidentally leaked the newest agent, Astra, shortly after Valorant’s official Twitter released a teaser image of the character. While it seemed like there would be a buildup to her release, Riot Games spilled the beans on Astra ahead of schedule. The video has been taken down, but it explained that Astra is a “cosmic agent” from Ghana. 

Valorant agent 15 leak Astra

In a recent tweet, Valorant developers shared a seemingly simple image packed with hints and clues for eager Valorant fans. In the attached photograph, a golden, robotic hand with a purple gem can be seen holding a pen. 

In the notebook, the mysterious character has written a few telling things. They seem to be questioning if Reyna is good or bad, deciding on both. They also have a to-do list that includes “refine cosmic divide.” They seem to have marked things around a map on the opposite page, which could be referencing all of the orbs players noticed earlier this year. 

Not too long ago, players noticed purple embers located on each map. It seemed to match the “Bridge Between Worlds” card in the Battle Pass, making it an apparent hint at the upcoming agent similar to those seen in the past. The purple embers also match the purple gem on the back of the mysterious character’s hand in the tweet. 

Valorant’s 15th agent, Astra, is a controller

The only thing fans knew for sure about Astra ahead of time was that she would be a controller. Controller agents force the enemy team to react in predictable ways, making it easier to gather information and get the upper hand in a match. 

Riot Games detailed how Astra’s abilities will work. Astra can place “stars” around the map that she can transform at will. These stars can be activated in a variety of ways including being deployed as a smoke, pulling nearby enemies towards it, and more.

Some fans have stated that they get “Reyna vibes” from Agent 15, most likely due to the purple orbs. Though previous teases had fans speculating that the 15th Valorant agent may actually be Reyna’s deceased sister who is central to her lore, the similarities between Astra and Reyna end at the purple wardrobe and skills. 

Agent 15 teaser

The big mystery that remains after the reveal of Astra is the altered version of Ascent in the bottom right corner of the teaser image. While the initial thought was that Astra would have the ability to create new walls or alter the actual map in some way, that does not seem to be the case. Instead, fans are wondering if there might be changes to the map coming in the near future. 

Will Valorant get new agents?

Yes, Agent 15 is one of many new agents currently in the works. Developers have already admitted that five agents are in development. The Valorant team hopes to have 50 to 60 agents total when the roster is complete, dropping six every year.

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