New tool shows alleges TF Blade, others share smurf accounts

By Melany Moncada


Aug 12, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

A Reddit user has created a tool that might get some of the top League of Legends streamers in trouble.

A redditor showed alleged proof that some streamers, most notably Ashkan “TF Blade” Homayouni, are taking part in account sharing, an activity banned by League of Legends publisher Riot Games. The tool identifies overlaps between accounts, pointing out whenever two accounts under the same owner are being played at the same time.

These accounts spam games against bots until they reach level 30. At that point, streamers buy these accounts and use them for Iron to Challenger steams and content. According to the redditor, it’s normal for streamers to purchase these accounts that are leveled up on different servers. This way, it’s less suspicious that the accounts are being shared.

The redditor wrote that while TF Blade is the most notorious offender, but that he’s likely not the only streamer going this route. Iron to Challenger streams are highly popular for content creators, and many have partaken on numerous occasions.

Account sharing goes against League of Legends terms and conditions

Account sharing is illegal according to the League of Legends terms and conditions. The reasoning behind this is that selling accounts leads to scams and other potential security breaches. Some websites promise players free RP and skins, and players must enter their user and password to get access to the benefits. These sites steal accounts and then sell them for a profit. Sellers might get paid in advance and never actually hand out the promiesd account.

League of Legends considers account sharing an infraction that’s punishable by a permanent ban. There aren’t any statistics about the number of accounts that have been banned for account sharing, or if Riot has any specific system in place to detect offendors.

The redditor clarified that while it wasn’t his intention to get TF Blade in any kind of trouble, but rather to point out that streamers were so frequently getting away with account sharing.

As of June, TF Blade is no longer part of the League Partner Program.


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