New Sova double-shock dart setup is a must-learn to win Fracture

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 29, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Sova is one of the best agents to run on Fracture thanks to a newly discovered post-plant setup.

The newly released H-shaped location Fracture is turning out much more challenging to tackle than imagined. Not every agent is viable in this location unless you’ve mastered all lineups and setups. The complicated design and dangerous backlines make Fracture a hard nut to crack. 

Thankfully, Fracture has plenty of sky-cracks, which naturally helps Sova shine on this location. His classic bow and arrow work wonders on this lush location. However, players must memorize the lineups to successfully ace Fracture. This new post-plant lineup on Fracture’s point A is helpful and easy to learn. 

This double shock dart lineup is for the default L-shaped plant site. It’s the safest spot to plant the Spike due to a metal cover around. This setup is worth learning as it’s also useable on defenders’ side to deny the plant, as enemies often plant the Spike here due to safety factors. 

How to pull of Sova dart lineup on Fracture

For this lineup, stand behind the dish and align yourself with the crack on the wall. Using your HUD as a guide, attach the corner line with the left side of the orange area on the building. Load double bar, zero charge and release the dart. This will land in the center of the default area.

You’ll need two darts to finish off the enemies successfully. Go back to the starting point for the second lineup and align your left drone eye on the hud with the mountain’s crack. Load up one bar with zero charges and release the arrow. The second dart will land on top of the first one, finishing off the enemy defusing the Spike. 

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Try not to delay the second lineup after releasing the first dart. A pause will allow the enemy to escape before the second dart reaches the spot and finishes them off. Both the darts should approach the default plant angle at the same time to warrant a kill. 

Is Sova a good agent on Fracture? 

Sova is one of the must-pick agents on Fracture due to a map design that favors his tool kit. Plenty of sky openings allow Sova to squeeze full juice out of his long-range arrows. Since Fracture makes flanking easier, it’s essential to have an intel gatherer like Sova to keep an eye out for the team.