New palace one-way on Mirage is a game-changer

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 28, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players have discovered a brand new one-way lineup on Mirage that can help dodge the enemy AWPer. 

The most popular CSGO map Mirage is also among the trickiest. A clever strategy with a side of crisp aim is the key to emerging as the stronger team in this historical venue. Utilities, callouts, and coordination are a few ingredients to wins on Mirage. However, it’s an old map, and players are quick to find counter to smokes and flashes. 

This brand new one-way smoke on Mirage brings a remedy for the biggest trouble on full buy rounds. It’s a genius way to skirt the AWPer’s eye and even get kills.

How to do a one-way smoke on Mirage palace? 

This one-way on Mirage is pretty simple to learn and has a safe first lineup. Here’s how to dodge the AWPer using this critical smoke on Mirage. 

For this lineup, stick to the darker wooden plank in T-spawn and move the camera towards the sky. Place your crosshair next to the silver ladder inside the structure, as shown in the video. Equip smoke, jump, and release the grenade. The smoke will land on the crates under the palace, creating an aperture for the players in the palace. 

The player in the palace can cover multiple angles while crouching behind the smoke. The enemies won’t see a thing, but this one-way in Mirage palace will allow a clear view of the site, including the top of stairs where AWPers typically hold the angle. Playing palace against a CT sniper is almost impossible, but this one-way on Mirage can help. 

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But, players may still want to stay cautious. Once this smoke becomes common, enemies can easily read the move. Consequently, they’ll try to spam the congested area, which can be dangerous. So try not to overdo the smoke and play cautiously around it. You may also use it as a distraction at a high level of play. Smoke palace, but don’t go there. This way, the CT will have one more angle to worry about, making entry a tad safer. 

Mirage is the most popular CSGO map in 2022, with 29.6% of players opting to run it in mathcmaking. Leetify recently rolled out new statistics confirming that Mirage, Inferno, and Dust 2 remain player favorites years after the release.