New Origin skin bundle for Valorant has been leaked

Kenneth Williams • June 10, 01:33

A new set of alien-themed Valorant skins have been data-mined by a well-known leaker.

The Origin bundle includes skins for the Vandal, Operator, Frenzy and Bucky along with a new Melee weapon. Each skin features four different upgrade levels in addition to green, red, and white variants.


The Origin bundle’s final kill effect summons a mysterious ring to abduct the enemy player before disappearing in a flash of green light. All of the upgrades and variants can be unlocked with Radianite points after purchasing the skins. The red and gold variant has gotten the most attention on social media, with some fans dubbing it the “Iron Man variant.”

The new melee weapon appears to be a cross between brass knuckles and a karambit. The grip and blade form a half-circle with a glowing blade along the rim. 

A video showcasing all of the new Origin skins including variants can be found on ValorLeak’s YouTube channel. 

ValorLeaks is a highly respected Valorant data miner and leaker. He’s previously given sneak peeks at several skin bundles including the Celestial, Minima, and Glitchpop 2 sets.

The price and release date for the new Origin skin bundle are yet to be revealed, though they’ll probably sell for around 6,000 Valorant Points. This would place them in the Legendary range. The Melee will most likely come free with the bundle like in other Valorant skin packs.


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