New LoL support champion Senna’s abilities revealed

By Marta Juras


Oct 29, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

League of Legends players have been excited about Senna’s release for the past few weeks. From accidental leaks and teases to an animated trailer, Senna’s hinted at in-game abilities are now clear to see.

Senna is the first support marksman in League. After her soul was trapped in the Thresh’s lantern for years, Lucian finally found a way to save her, and she used the power of the Black Mist to return to life. Her abilities reflect both her human past and her newly changed nature, and she uses a massive canon in battle.

All of Senna’s abilities have been revealed

Senna’s Absolution passive ability gives her greater range, attack damage, and higher critical strike chance based on the souls of enemies that have been killed. 

Piercing Darkness, her Q ability, is a perfect mix of sustain and damage, as it fires a projectile that both heals allies and deals damage to enemies. Auto attacking will lower the cooldowns of the ability. The W ability is named Last Hug, and it offers crowd control. The targets Senna hits with the fog will receive damage and will be immobilized.

Senna’s E ability is easily her strongest one. The Curse of the Black Mist turns her into a misty fog that camouflages all allies that step within it. While shrouded in the mist, enemies will see Senna’s teammates as unclickable wraiths, and will have to come closeer if they wish to attack them. Turning into the mist gives additional Senna movement speed as well.

Her ultimate ability is named Shadow of the Dawn, and it’s a global ultimate that shoots a beam straight over the map, making it somewhat similar to Ezreal’s ultimate. Allies who get caught in the ultimate will receive a shield.

Almost every single one of Senna’s abilities is both supportive and can also be dangerous to her opponents. Her gameplay will surely be unique and will bring with it some new strategies to Summoner’s Rift.


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