New LoL champion Akshan teased with upcoming Ruination event

By Christian Vejvad


Jun 21, 2021

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League of Legends will be full of black mist and dark spirits in July as a brand new event is set to release on July 8. 

In a recent teaser by Riot Games, a first look at the upcoming Ruination event was provided. The event seems to have the moniker “Rise of the Sentinels,” which will start in July and likely run until the end of the month. From the looks of the teaser, the event will be another chapter in the Ruination lore that Riot has been working on since the release of Viego in January. 

Newest champion Akshan set to release during Ruination event

As revealed by Riot, the first half of this year will have the theme of Ruination with several new champions being released with ties to the lore. The first was Viego, followed by Gwen who was released in April. The next champion will be the new Sentinel of Light, which seems to go by the name Akshan. 

With the teaser for the upcoming event, Riot also provided fans with an online puzzle. By solving this puzzle, the first real teaser for Akshan was unlocked. He is seen on a poster including the other Sentinels Lucian and Senna, alongside Graves, Vayne, and Gwen. The poster also has Viego himself and Thresh on it. By the looks of it, Akshan is wielding either one or two pistols which fit the Sentinel and marksman theme surrounding him perfectly. 

With the upcoming Rise of the Sentinels event, it seems very likely that fans will finally get to play Akshan who will be the first-ever marksman designed for the mid lane. Lore-wise, this new champion will fit perfectly into the theme as Sentinels defend Runeterra from the black mists of the Shadow Isles, according to LoL lore. 

Sentinelt of Light

Could Ultimate Spellbook release with new Ruination event?

If a big in-game event and a potential new champion aren’t enough, players can also look forward to the potential release of the new game mode Ultimate Spellbook. The game mode was recently released on the Public Beta Environment for testing and might just hit the live servers in July. 

The game mode is a fast-paced version of Summoner’s Rift, where all champions will have an extra ultimate on one of the summoner spell slots. This makes up for fun and action-packed gameplay, with plenty of opportunities to figure out new and fun combos

Besides the potential release of Ultimate Spellbook, it’s likely that Riot has other things up its sleeves. This could be anything from special in-game missions to new Ruination skins for the “Ruined” skin line. Currently, this skin line has three cosmetics for Draven, Shyvana, and Karma. In a dark event like this, it would almost be strange not to see an extension with new skins. 

The Rise of the Sentinels event is set to go live with patch 11.14 on Thursday, July 8. 


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