New kill counter skins drop FPS, Riot finding a fix

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 7, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant has released its first kill counter skin collection dubbed RGX 11z Pro bundle. But it’s unfortunately messing with the game.

Valorant has its fair share of bugs, but a few have anything to do with in-game cosmetics. The brand new kill tracker bundle has landed under the gun for being “pay to lose” after players observe a frame drop upon equipping the new guns.

Valorant players report FPS drop when RGX 11z Pro bundle is equipped

Patch 3.07 rolled in with some agent tweaks and a jaw-dropping skin bundle. The futuristic collection is much different from recent releases that mainly were lore-based and had strong themes. The crystal skins are visually pleasing and allow you to count your kills, but the players may not land many of those considering the RGX 11z Pro bundle’s impact on the game.

Players have reported that their FPS goes down whenever they have equipped the new bundle. Initially, it wasn’t sure whether the skins were the culprit behind poor PC performance. However, pro players also came forward and confirmed the glitch. Professional player for 100 Thieves Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan confirmed that his frames drop dramatically when using the RGX skins.

Riot responds to FPS drop in Valorant

Skins rarely ever mess with the FPS, but the new bundle rolls in with a heavy feature that tracks performance throughout the game. It turns out the problem does exist as a Valorant developer has acknowledged it. Producer for premium content Preeti Khanolkar has revealed that a fix is underway.

“We’re aware of this report. We’ve been looking into this since Wednesday night Pacific Time (a few hours after the skin went live in the store). Yes, we tested this for performance before it shipped, but we missed this. Sorry about that. I hope you trust that we’ll try to fix it,” Preeti said.

The developer has explained that Riot is investigating the problem to find out the root cause. A fix will be delivered based on the findings, so players may want to hold tight. Riot Games may even push the patch to the next update, depending on the severity of the issue.

Whatever the case, players may want to steer clear of the new bundle. It’s certainly tempting and hard to resist, but the kill tracker of the RGX bundle is entirely useless if you fail to land a single shot. The collection might see a quick fix as players are eager to cop the guns with a unique kill counter feature, something no other Valorant skin has.