New items for juggernauts hit LoL: Wild Rift in patch 3.1

By Nicholas James


Mar 29, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

League of Legends: Wild Rift continues to get new features and champions added, here’s everything you need to know about the new juggernaut items in Wild Rift.

Three items designed for solo lane fighters to stand toe-to-toe with opponents are being brought to LoL Wild Rift. Hullbreaker, Death’s Dance, and Divine Sunderer will all be coming to the mobile adaptation of League of Legends. Here are the specializations of each of the new juggernaut items for Wild Rift.

Juggernaut items hit Wild Rift

There are three new options for baron lane players in particular, which are focused on amping up the options for physical damage-oriented characters who look to pick isolated fights.

The first of these is Hullbreaker, a hyper-focused item that becomes extra efficient when allies leave the user on their own. Hullbreaker grants 300 health and 55 attack damage for the affordable cost of 3,,000 gold. When no allied champions are near the user, they gain armor and magic resistance, a buff to damage against structures, and buffs for nearby minions. This item is meant to turn split pushing champions into monstrous threats as long as their team isn’t waiting in the wings.

The second item is Death’s Dance, an item that rewards champions who take extended battles. Death’s Dance gives armor, attack damage, and ability haste for 3,000 gold. It has two unique passives, one converts a portion of incoming damage to damage over time, and the second empties the incoming pool of damage on a takedown as well as restoring health.

Finally comes Divine Sundered, a 3,300 gold item that has a Spellblade effect that deals a ton of maximum health damage as well as healing. All three of these will help bruisers play further into the specialization.

Death’s Dance is meant to reward flashy fights where you can dilute burst damage into a slow tick. Hullbreaker amps up split pushers to the next level and Divine Sunderer is great for helping to shred tanky targets.


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