New findings suggest CSGO may finally get ported to Source 2

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 15, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

A new discovery suggests that Valve is actively working on porting its tactical shooter, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, to the Source 2 engine. 

Fans, data miners, and leakers have all been patiently waiting for a cleaner, more accurate, and more refined CSGO in the Source 2 engine. Data miner Gabe Follower, who recently ported Dust 2 into Source 2, uncovered evidence that suggests that CSGO might be moving to the more-advanced engine sooner than later. 

The rumors of Valve transferring CSGO to Source 2 have been lingering for five years, but they reached a fever pitch in the latter half of 2020. However, reports suggested that Valve had scratched Source 2 plans due to compatibility issues. Valve has been using Source 2 to change individual parts of CSGO but has thus far refused to move over the game in its entirety. This leak suggests that plans may have changed. 

A mention of “CSGO” in the Source 2 engine workshop manager has led the players to believe that the developer is porting the game. The Source 2 engine currently powers Dota 2 and Half-Life: Alyx. These are games are also mentioned in the newfound files, along with CSGO in the workshop manager used for publishing mods to the workshop.

This has cranked up the hopes of CSGO fans waiting for the game to get a facelift. 

Is CSGO finally moving to Source 2? 

This leak suggests that CSGO may finally be moved to Source 2, but there are no guarantees as of yet.

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Community developers and coders have repeatedly explained how porting CSGO to the updated game engine won’t be that complex. However, the real issue with transfer has to do with workshop items.

The developer has previously explained how a single error could change everything in CSGO in subtle ways like whether shots land, how mouse movements are processed, and how grenades bounce. While transferring game files may be easy to pull off, there are plenty of other issues including workshop compatibility which might leave a number of things broken.

If the new leaks are accurate, it could mean that Valve is either working on a port or at least giving the game a test run on the newer engine. A Source 2 port would result in a smoother game experience and improved graphics, but it includes tons of risk and hard work on Valve’s part.

It’s still unknown whether mentioning “csgo” in workshop manager implies colossal progress, but it certainly means that Valve is still likely working on porting CSGO to Source 2.