New features, battle pass hit Pokemon UNITE after mobile launch

Olivia Richman • September 23, 13:28

Pokemon UNITE’s mobile version is here.

The Pokemon Company launched the mobile version of Pokemon UNITE yesterday, bringing the MOBA to iOS and Android devices. The mobile version has the same Pokemon and maps as the Nintendo Switch version, and will include all the same updates moving forward.

Trainers can link their mobile and Nintendo Switch accounts, allowing them to share progress between devices. There is also cross-play, meaning trainers can use either their Switch or phone to play games with friends or users on different platforms.

Pokemon UNITE mobile gets Galactic Ghost 094 battle pass

The new update to Pokemon UNITE provided fans with a lot of new content, which is coming to both the Nintendo Switch and mobile version of the game.

The update includes a new battle pass, called Galactic Ghost 094, named after Gengar and its number in the Pokedex. This is the game’s second battle pass, introducing an abundance of new cosmetics. This includes Gengar dressed as an astronaut, probably one of the coolest skins in the entire game and a welcome addition as the Pokemon’s lack of skins had become something of a meme.

Pokemon UNITE also received Unite Squads, a way for trainers to create their own teams or join already-existing teams. This allows players to connect with each other in a way similar to guilds or clans in other online multiplayer games. Squad tags will allow other “like-minded trainers” to find a squad that suits their interests.

What changes are coming to Pokemon UNITE?

The Pokemon Company isn’t slowing down any time soon.

Sylveon and Mamoswine are coming to Pokemon UNITE very soon. Fans were already aware these two popular Pokemon were on the way but this was the first time trainers saw them in action. The two Pokemon are actually ready to be launched but are stuck in hidden files.

A new game mode is also on the way. The mode is considered fair for all trainers since “held items’ grades” are irrelevant. This is most likely in response to the game’s pay-to-win structure, something many fans have pointed out the past few months.


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