New esports stadium coming to Canada

By Steve Vegvari


Aug 6, 2018

Reading time: 1 min

Canada will be getting its first esports stadium next year.

Myesports will be opening doors to The Gaming Stadium in early 2019 in Richmond, British Columbia. Built from the ground up, The Gaming Stadium will house roughly 250 spectators in the main arena. As per The Gaming Stadium’s configuration, the venue will also sport a designated LAN space with more than 40 gaming stations available.

The Gaming Stadium will offer food and beverages during their events for spectators. During main events, a broadcast center will be fully operational for casters and analysts to take a seat and provide commentary for the audiences both local and online.

This will be the first designated esports arena to be built in Canada. While other esports events have taken place at venues such as Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena and Montreal’s Olympic Stadium, they’re often held at arenas built for sports and live concerts.

While The Gaming Stadium might not be the largest venue, Myesports COO Matthew Low hopes to create a space for both pro-level and novice players. “We are focused on more than top-level players or hosting major events,” Low said in a press release. “We are aiming to cultivate the next great gamers as we will be holding leagues for all skill levels while also offering coaching for those who want to take their skills to the next level”

The Gaming Stadium is being built to allow players of all skill levels to participate, an increasingly important consideration as the industry caters to hardcore fans and newcomers alike.

Myesports will offer a wide variety of games and will seek to establish partnerships with known esports brands. More news on the venue is set to be revealed as the opening draws closer.