New Dust 2 smoke is helping the T side dominate in Stockholm

Fariha Bhatti • November 2, 12:11

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pros have found a solution for those fearful of crossing the catwalk

Since Valve updated Dust 2 at the start of Operation Riptide, many players have failed to land their smokes perfectly. The new design calls for new lineups that begin from mid or deeper in the T-side area. Xbox smokes are trickier than ever, but fret not. CSGO pros have everyone covered. 

During the PGL Stockholm Major, pro players started using a new lineup to block off A short. It’s easier, safer, and more convenient. 

The lineup has been used by top stars such as Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut, Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski, and more. The grenade lands on the hinge of the mid doors, creating a smokescreen to block the enemy snipers’ view of the catwalk from CTs playing around doors. Here’s how to replicate it in-game. 

  • Stand in the middle of the wire fence
  • Move a bit to the left 
  • Place your crosshair on the rusted spot on the awning 
  • Press the jump key and then release the smoke 

Instead of landing on the box, the smoke lands on a hinge on the mid doors, creating a unique angle that allows for a safe detour towards A short. Both sides can still see from below, but this also creates a one-way smoke from Xbox for the T side against anyone that tries to push.

Dust 2 hinge smokes have been around for a while, but this one is different as it allows players to reliably and completely safely block vision from the CTs for a push through cat. It also makes for a tremendous fakeout as it begins from the T side, setting up a push to B site. 

Can you drop smokes in CSGO?

Starting with Operation Riptide, CSGO players are allowed to drop grenades, including Smoke Grenades.

Grenades can be transferred to teammates in the same way as guns. This change has created a brand new “smoke specialist” role in CSGO, which should help other players focus more on gunplay. 


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