New CSGO update removes Dust 2 wallbang, adds new music kit

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 8, 2021

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Valve recently dropped Operation Riptide with a bang, now in its third week.

A new patch has brought some small but might updates. October patch notes outline fixes for minor bugs and a significant wall bang glitch on Dust 2. Players will also be able to enjoy a new music kit by Canadian rapper, singer, and songwriter bbno$. 

New patch update fixes Dust 2 wall bang bug

After tons of complaints from the community, Valve made a massive change to iconic map Dust 2’s layout. Valve added a wall to cover the mid crossing area for Counter-Terrorists to reach the bomb point without Terrorists shooting them down. This was a massive game-changer as Ts enjoyed an unfair advantage prior to the fix. 

Before the patch skillful players managed to find a weak spot in the wall that allowed bullets to pass through. The new patch fixes that bug. Players will no longer be able to exploit the new wall. Other maps have also received bug fixes, including Insertion 2, Ravine, and Basalt. Players encountered tons of glitches in County, and the new patch tackles each one.

Dangerzone bug fixed in CSGO release notes

A Dangerzone bug was letting players deploy themselves outside of the playable area on the map. It was a consistent bug that often earned players an edge over their enemies. It’s impossible in all CSGO maps to access the non-playable area, making it a game-breaking glitch. Valve has now fixed the issue. 

“Respawning players are no longer able to select respawn locations that should have been prohibited by the spawnmask map,” Valve said. 

The developers have now fixed this bug and have even introduced some gameplay changes to this game mode.

New music kit in CSGO

The kit will feature the song “u mad!” from his bbno$’ new album “eat ya veggies. The music kit is available in both standard and StatTrak versions. The new sound is based around the “trolling” concept in CSGO, with lyrics that might flame the enemies. 


CS2 care package

Players hopeful after Valve adds Overwatch to expose CS2 cheaters

Only “trusted” players will be Overwatch investigators. 

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 26, 2024