New CSGO Boardroom sticker capsule includes community memes

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 2, 2022

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New Counter-Strike: Global Offensive sticker capsule proves that Valve isn’t entirely out of touch with the community. The boardroom sticker capsule includes popular CSGO memes and references. 

CSGO is a highly realistic first-person shooter with killer firearms and lifelike agents. Stickers and sprays ensure that players don’t forget to have some fun in the game’s rusty scenery. Valve has rolled out some light-hearted memes in February’s sticker capsule. The brand new collection will put a smile even on the deadliest CSGO player’s face. 

On February 1, Valve released a bunch of game updates, but the new capsule stood out. Here are all the cosmetics in the boardroom sticker capsule.

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The popular “This is Fine” sticker is the most notable one of all. The original meme had a dog chilling as his house burned down. Valve has dressed the dog in signature CSGO agent attire, making it funnier and more relevant. The sticker will surely come in handy to burn enemies after damaging them in a Molotov. “I’m Lit” is another sticker that players can use to troll enemies after dealing damage through incendiary.

Chicken flicking a finger, Teamwork, B-hop are all the stickers nodding at popular CSGO terms and references. It seems that Valve has crafted the new capsule with absolute care to ensure that players get their money’s worth. All of these unique stickers are now available in the game and steam store. 

CSGO out of bounds spawn bug fixed

Valve was never known known for being timely with bug fixes, but things seem to have changed.

The developer has rolled an insta-fix for the infamous out-of-bounds spawn bug highlighted by several players. The exploit-cum-glitch would generate a player model in the middle of the map, which often provided one side an edge over the other. 

Apart from this crucial fix, the developer has also banned the cl_showpos command that helped players execute complex lineups. The concern around the command was brought to Valve’s notice by CSGO host and caster Spunj. After evaluation, Valve has banned the use of this command in all CSGO tournaments. 

Other critical changes in CSGO February release notes

  • In short competitive matches, increased the initial round loss streak to two in order to reduce the economic impact of pistol rounds.
  • Fixed molotov grenades going through the wall and floor in mid.

All in all, the latest CSGO release notes package tons of valuable updates. Players can now enjoy a game that spawns them in bounds and has hilarious meme-worthy stickers.


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