New champion Renata revealed with leaked splash arts

By Nicholas James


Jan 31, 2022

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Riot Games can’t seem to stop having upcoming additions to League of Legends leaked, with new champion Renata’s splash arts landing on social media ahead of her announcement.

Renata Glasc was confirmed to be the upcoming dark support through an ARG-style website attached to Riot Games’ various pages. Renata was data mined from the Chinese version of Teamfight Tactics in January and more info has made its way to be public.

Did new LoL champion Renata’s splash art leak?

Splash arts for Renata’s default look and her first skin have seemingly leaked on Twitter.

The images perfectly match the previews shown of her prosthetic arm and Chemtech devices from the Teamfight Tactics art data mine.

Prominent data miner Monstrous Yi posted high-resolution splash arts to their Twitter, lower-quality versions of which had been making their way around the community. The art depicts Renata Glasc standing over a puddle with a fallen Zaunite thug in it. The reflection shows a tall woman with a mechanical arm powered by Shimmer, the mysterious void-associated drug that took center stage in Arcane.

Glasc Industries creates weaponry, prosthetics, and beauty products with Chemtech. Renata is armed with a pistol, a prosthetic arm, and a strange Shimmer-emitting device beside her. These three facets seem to line up perfectly with the information already available about Renata. Renata’s release skin depicts her in a military uniform as the master of a flying gunship.

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Unsubstantiated leaks about her abilities seem to imply some wild abilities including reviving allies and sending champions into berserker frenzies that cause them to damage their own teammates. While these seem exciting, none have been substantiated by a reliable source as of yet.


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