New bug with Raze’s Boom Bot will blow out your headphones

Fariha Bhatti • February 2, 19:34

It seems that Raze’s Boom Bot needs a patch as players have discovered another ridiculous glitch. 

Riot Games is still polishing up Valorant by keeping an eye on discussions regarding bugs and glitches. This is generally standard practice for most new multiplayer games, but it’s still been a bit of a rocky road. 

Since the game’s release, the developer has patched up various game-breaking issues that squeezed the fun out of the game. However, a Redditor named Crbbo discovered a new issue with Raze’s Boom Bot, which had fans laughing hysterically. 

Boom Bot is Raze’s best bet to clear out hallways and alleys. The ability shines on Split’s bomb point B, which is precisely what Raze main Crbbo attempted. The player deployed his Boom Bot towards bomb point, but instead of completing its journey to the site, the bot got stuck at B entrance. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the players were startled when the bot glitched into a faulty radio, making an ear-splitting noise. The bugged sound was loud enough for everyone in the area to hear, resulting in both teams fleeing the area. While it was a hilarious moment, the bug is a serious issue. 

It’s not just the terrible sound, but the Boom Bot becomes futile on bomb point B, as it gets stuck on an invisible object. The bot doesn’t explode, and it doesn’t move, rendering it useless for attackers. A few other Redditors came forward and confirmed that this isn’t a one-off oddity. 

Boom Bot is a useful tool to collect intel and cause damage to opponents. This glitch is causing major annoyance to Raze main players who heavily rely on the bot in long-range battles. 

Valorant agent Raze’s Boom Bot needs a fix

While it may not be a game-breaking issue, Raze’s Boom Bot bug calls for developers’ attention. Another bug was recently discovered in the duelist’s ability where her bot could burst open the Teleporters on Bind. The agent only had to deploy her bot at a certain angle to execute the lineup, which would open both metal doors. A few other agents could do the same, which suggested that Teleporters may need patching. However, Raze’s growing list of glitches hint that the duelist’s well-engineered toolkit is in dire need of some oiling.  


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