New bug allows players to destroy Sage’s wall by walking into it

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 22, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Sage’s wall can be a menace on maps like Split, but a new bug has impaired her barriers to the point of randomly breaking.

The Sentinel agent Sage is equipped with a lasting wall that can be used in many ways. Aggressive “battle Sage” players often use the Barrier to elevate themselves on odd angles, but it’s deployed chiefly to block narrow entrances. Sage’s Barrier is mainly reliable, but players have observed a game-breaking bug after the new patch.

How to break Sage’s wall with Valorant bug

Valorant content creator and streamer Lothar highlighted a glitch, which allows players to break the wall by walking against it. By applying enough force against the Barrier, players can take it down without making much noise. This bug can be highly game-breaking in low and high ELO games, impacting rotation and pistol round meta.

This bug isn’t easily replicable but has worked for most players. Some players accidentally triggered it by hitting some secret spot on the barrier only once. While others had to keep pressing the W key against the wall till it broke, like Lothar. To increase the chances of breaking it, make sure you are hitting against the Barrier joints and also moving left and right while you’re at it.

Sage and Killjoy’s utility is the primary tool of defense against attackers, especially in pistol rounds. Breaking their turrets and barriers requires heavy firepower, which not only gives away enemy positions but wastes pricey bullets in save rounds.

With this new bug, attackers can easily hit a site without making noise. Even in full buy rounds, attackers breaking down the walls gave defenders time to strategize and prepare for a push. This bug puts defenders at a massive disadvantage as they won’t know what awaits them behind the wall.

This is most certainly a game-breaking bug, as it downgrades Sage’s most crucial ability. Teams often leave an entire site for Sage to hold down as it’s easier to rotate while enemies struggle with robust barrier. It remains to be seen whether Riot delivers a hotfix or waits till 3.09 to patch it up along with Jett and her bugged kit.