New bug allows Kalista to hit twice with each auto attack

Christian Vejvad • August 25, 19:29

A new game-breaking bug is plaguing League of Legends and has Kalista rocketing in her solo queue win rates. 

A recent bug discovered by several players and reported by YouTuber Vandiril shows how Kalista can currently hit twice with each auto attack. This bug is as broken as it sounds, as Kalista will simply get off two auto attacks for extra damage with every spear she shoots. Why this bug is suddenly in the game hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it might have to do with a recent bug fix Riot released for Kalista on the most recent patch 11.17. 

That recent bug fix for Kalista sorted out a problem that meant Kalista was still able to throw auto attacks and lunge using her passive while charmed. This bug has seemingly been replaced by another, and this new bug is far worse.

With this bug, Kalista essentially has the choice to fire two attacks at once at a single target or to split the two attacks between two different enemies. This is done by bouncing the cursor between two enemies and essentially canceling an auto attack. This allows Kalista to fire two auto attacks at once and double her damage output.  

If abused in games, this will have a huge impact on Kalista’s strength. In the first couple of levels, this will be particularly strong as she can stack up her Rend (E) much more quickly and do AOE damage as if she had Runaan’s Hurricane. 

One would think that a bug like this would be fixed by Riot in an instant, but it has been active long enough to affect Kalista’s win rate. On the current patch, Kalista is fielding a win rate of 52% in Platinum ranks and higher. This was just below 49% on the previous patch, so it’s clear that players are abusing this bug to their advantage. 

With a bug like this in the game, it’s likely only a matter of time before Riot releases a hotfix for it. Until then, Kalista players will have a field day in solo queue, but they shouldn’t get overly accustomed to that new damage output. 


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