New Blizzard survival game in new universe has been announced

By Nicholas James


Jan 25, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

There’s a new Blizzard survival game coming, set to take place in a brand new universe.

Following the nearly $70 billion dollar acquisition by Microsoft to acquire gaming titan Activision Blizzard, a new game has been announced. Blizzard Entertainment is looking to fill several positions for the new property, the first entirely new IP to come out of Blizzard for a major title in years.

What would a new Blizzard survival game look like?

Blizzard has had its hands in many genres before, from real-time strategy to MMORPGs. Survival games would be a new venture for the massive developer, which has been mired in controversy following substantive evidence of predatory internal culture.

This brand new survival game uses a splash art of an unknown female wielding an axe, with an animalistic mask open above and below her head. The environment shows the ruins of a stone building, with a golden mirror affixed to the wall. The woman is examining a set of human footprints in the mud about the ruins, likely tracking their owner.

This post type of post-disaster fantasy seems right up Blizzard’s alley between World of Warcraft and Diablo.

Blizzard hiring for new survival game

The new world needs worldbuilders, and Blizzard is looking for artists, designers, and engineers to be just that.

The fan reception for this project has been mixed. Some fans are excited to see what the future of Blizzard could hold, while others are still reticent to give any of the studio’s new projects good faith given the loss of reputation in recent years. The game could end up the same as Project Titan, Blizzard’s sci-fi MMO that never materialized. Fans shouldn’t expect to see anything substantial from the developer until at least a year or two down the line.

A new property for Blizzard could win back fans’ faith and wield the full power of a Microsoft acquisition, or be the nail in Blizzard’s coffin.


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