boost yourself up using Astra's kit

New Astra trick boosts her on top of high up spots on Breeze

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 22, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Astra is the latest in the list of Valorant agents that can self-boost. There’s apparently more to her Gravity Well than meets the eye.

Riot Games’ unique shooter spices up the genre with characters loaded up with deadly kits. Each agent brings a unique ability to the table, creating complex gameplay that continues to transform. Despite an abundance of powers, movement rangers remain the superior kind in Valorant. Not all agents can reach high spots, so agents like Jett are valuable.

Bit this new Astra trick shows that she can do the impossible with Gravity Well. The Ghanian controller is no duelist, but she can now self-boost on Breeze’s specific spots.

Astra can self-boost on Breeze pyramids

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Astra is equipped with a Gravity Well purposed to pull enemies into the crosshair. New tech proves that her well, widely known as “pull,” is capable of more exciting things.

Using this new Astra trick, players can boost on top of Breeze’s pyramid and chute. These are two unreachable spots for many agents — especially the tube, as it is a one-way route for players to jump down on mid. But Astra is doing the impossible with the accurate placement of stars.

How to reach crazy places on Breeze with Astra

A player named mikelelele showed that the agent could suck herself on pyramids by placing a star on the top. She only needs to opt for Gravity Well, which would draw her into the center. The agent can pull similar plays like Jett, Chamber, and Raze from here. However, she’d be a bit more vulnerable as she has no way to escape risky duels quickly.

Using this same trick, Astra can get back inside the chute on mid that’s one-way for most agents. By placing a star on top of the tube and then activating a well, she can get pulled on top. However, this is a risky play, especially if you know enemies are nearby. Nevertheless, it’s a valuable tactic that makes her a versatile pick on Breeze.

No other agent has an ability quite like Astra’s pull. This isn’t the first time she’s using her Gravity Well for purposes other than pulling enemies in. Many players use Gravity Well to defuse the Spike, keep enemies away from the Spike, and more.

Controllers aren’t the most viable pick on map Breeze, with the exception of Viper, who plays more like a Sentinel. But, this new Astra trick can help bolster her pick rate on this extensive location.