New Anima Squad skins for Jinx, Riven, more have been revealed

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League of Legends fans should be keeping an eye out in the coming weeks, as the Anima Squad will soon be hitting the live servers. 

The newest round of LoL skins was recently revealed by Riot Games, as the new skin line Anima Squad has hit the Public Beta Environment (PBE) for testing. These new skins include the likes of Riven, Vayne, Miss Fortune, Jinx, and Sylas. For this rotation’s prestige edition, Jinx has been chosen and will therefore gain an extra version of her Anima Squad skin. 

The first glimpse of this skin line was revealed earlier this year in Riot’s developer’s update. In this, Riot showcased some concept art for what has now turned into a fully designed Anima Squad skin line. The skin in focus back then was especially the Battle Bunny Prime Riven skin, which is a revamp of the old Battle Bunny Riven cosmetic.

All the new Anima Squad LoL skins

All of the new Anima Squad skins have been designed with eye-popping colors and new effects that will make each champion feel like their own anime character. Jinx will be presented with a green theme in the normal version of her skin, while the prestige edition will have the usual golden and shiny color line. 

Riven and Miss Fortune will be the ones taking on the bunny theme, where Battle Bunny Riven is an obvious classic. In this revamp of the original skin, Riven has received much clearer effects and bunny themes that no one will be able to oversee. 

Battle Cat Jinx and Prestige Edition

Blog post image
Blog post image

Battle Bunny Prime Riven

Blog post image

Battle Wolf Sylas and Battle Bat Vayne

Blog post image

Battle Bunny Miss Fortune

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Community not impressed with new Anima Squad skins

Despite previous success with skins with similar thematics as these new Anima Squad skins, Riot has not been receiving good feedback from the community after the reveal. So far, it seems like a large part of the community is a little disappointed with the creativity in this new skin line and finds it a bit boring. 

Many fans have complained that the overall theme seems very similar to previous skin releases, where Riot has also focused on an anime style.  

As the skins are still not released on the live servers yet, there’s time for Riot to respond to the criticism and potentially make some tweaks before the skins officially roll out in one of the upcoming patches.


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