Nemesis says he knew at Worlds that Fnatic would replace him

By Christian Vejvad


Mar 24, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Former Fnatic mid laner Tim “Nemesis” Lipovšek recently revealed that he knew about getting replaced on Fnatic before entering the first game of the 2020 World Championship. 

Nemesis was replaced by Fnatic after the tournament, where Fnatic was knocked out by Top Esports in the quarterfinals following a close five-game series. Shortly after the World Championship concluded, it was announced that Nemesis wouldn’t continue with Fnatic in 2021. Instead, Fnatic picked up Yasin “Nisqy” Dinçer from Cloud9 to replace the Slovenian talent.

During a recent stream, Nemesis stated that he knew about being replaced a long time before fans got any words of it. 

Nemesis was asked through a stream donation if he expected to get replaced on Fnatic or if he thought that he would get another chance. To that, Nemesis was pretty clear that he wasn’t surprised at all. 

“I knew I was getting replaced during Worlds,” Nemesis said. “Even before playing one game at Worlds I knew it, because [Fnatic] leaked it.”

The fact that Nemesis knew it was his last tournament with Fnatic at Worlds 2020 wasn’t known until now and has led fans to speculate if it affected the young mid laner’s performance. At the tournament, Fnatic had a decent showing but with some shaky moments. Many fans were quick to blame Nemesis for mistakes in the team’s losses to LGD Gaming and Gen.G during the group stage. Nemesis also got a lot of flack after the quarterfinal, where Fnatic was reverse swept by Top Esports after being up 2-0. 

After his comment on the stream, Nemesis dove deeper into the conversation as he was asked if the leaked news of his replacement affected his mental state. According to Nemesis, the news didn’t affect him, but something else did. Nemesis didn’t disclose what he was exactly referring to but said that what got to him was something that most players in the world would break mentally over.

What Nemesis was talking about will likely never be disclosed, so fans will be left wondering and speculating about it. 

What happened to Nemesis LoL?  

After being replaced at Fnatic by the end of 2020, Nemesis joined up with Gen.G as a streamer and content creator. Nemesis has been streaming regularly since then and has taken part in several co-streams with Nick “LS” Cesare. Nemesis is currently in the process of getting his visa and passport for South Korea, where he will travel to stay with LS and make content for a period of time in 2021. It’s unknown if Nemesis will join a new team to compete in the LEC in the future.  


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