NEACE responds to coaching criticism from G2 Nelson

By Nicholas James


Dec 31, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

League of Legends content creator, Challenger player, and coach NEACE has responded to criticisms of his coaching pricing from professional coaches and community figures.

G2 Esports’ LEC strategic Coach Sng “Nelson” Yi-Wei took to Twitter to criticize the pricing of Neace’s coaching rates. While some community members agreed with Nelson, others have come to NEACE’s defense against the accusations of improper pricing.

NEACE disregards coaching critics in video

NEACE made a video addressing Nelson and other community members’ comments, breaking down his journey to where he is today. Nelson’s tweet focused on Neace’s pricing for on-stream and private coaching, comparing it to his experience as a professional coach and the perceived gap in money therein.

NEACE’s video explains his eight-year journey to get where he is today with coaching and explains the expansion of his coaching network. NEACE cites reaching Challenger in three roles and Masters in the other two for why he’s able to ask a high price. All of those who pay his prices do so willingly, and many of his teachings can be found on YouTube for free.

With nearly a decade spent building his brand, NEACE’s journey in League of Legends hasn’t always been as lucrative as it is now. After quitting League of Legends in 2018, his YouTube channel and streaming took a downwards turn until his later return to the game. Since that return his audience was exploded, with his coaching videos have become very popular on YouTube.

It seems that NEACE won’t be losing any sleep over G2 Nelson’s criticisms, remaining confident in the valuation of his time and happy with the turnout of clients. He also claims to be paying other coaches as a part of an upcoming boot camp.

With expertise and personal branding comes the ability to demand greater rates from his time, and NEACE seems excited about the success of his coaching rather than apologetic. Though due to the high price of his coaching sessions, critics will likely continue to question his rates and the justification behind them.


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