Natus Vincere picks up new Fortnite roster of World Cup

By Marta Juras


Jul 24, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Natus Vincere hasn’t been satisfied with the results of Viggo “Bowman” Hahnsson and Daniel “AlphaAmons” Johnsson during the current Fortnite season, so it has made a decision to change the team’s roster ahead of the Fornite World Cup.

Bowman and AlphaAmons are being replaced by two young Dutch players, Levi “lnuef” Edelijin and Quinten “Quinten” Van Der Zijpp. The new players and 15 and 17 years old, respectively, and have built themselves some recognition during the World Cup qualifiers.

Both players have secured themselves spots in the World Cup finals. They secured their spot together as duo partners during the sixth week of Europe’s qualifiers. Na`Vi is the first esports team to sponsor the two players.

The duo has qualified for the World Cup finals by achieving fourth place in online qualifiers. The top four duos of the week qualify for the finals, and lnuef and Quinten had shared the fourth place of the week with Solary’s Huynh “Kinstaar” Doung and Corentin “Hunter” Tardif. Since they achieved the same number of points, both teams qualified.

Lnuef has had some decent showings in other tournaments as well. He placed in the top 50 as a solo player at Blackheart Cup and has consistently been in the top 30 duo teams at other online minors, including Scallywag Cup, BP Duo Tournament, and PAN European Cup.

Quinten has a similar competitive background. Together with lnuef, he placed 27th at Scallywag Europe, and he previously placed in the top 50 at a POG Solo Tournament last year.

On the other hand, Na`Vi’s previous duo was not as successful during this season. AlphaAmons and Bowman haven’t qualified for the World Cup finals. The duo’s highest placing in the qualifiers was during week nine when they placed 29th.

Both of Na`Vi’s previous players came from Wildcard Gaming in 2019. Bowman has shared with his fans there will be some news to share regarding his playing career soon, and he wished good luck to the new players. Both of the departing Na`Vi players thanked the organization and their management for the experience.