Nash Carter likely out of WWE 2K22 after alleged domestic abuse

Steven Rondina • April 8, 2022 12:33 am

NXT wrestler and upcoming WWE 2K22 DLC character Nash Carter has been released from the company following a series of controveries.

In the first major controversy of NXT’s 2.0 era, one half of the reigning NXT Tag Team Championship team MSK has been booted from WWE. Carter’s tag team partner Wes Lee remains with the company. The news was first reported by Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, and was then confirmed by other outlets.

The news came a few days after Impact Wrestling’s Kimber Lee took to Twitter and accused Nash Carter, formerly known as Zachary Wentz, of being physically abusive towards her. Kimber Lee posted a series of photographs on Twitter showing herself with apparent injuries including a black eye and scuff marks around her mouth and cheeks. She stated that Carter “got wasted” and hit her hard enough to split her lip.

Kimber Lee and Nash Carter had publicly been a couple since 2018 and were married in 2020. She alleges abuse throughout their relationship and followed her initial allegation up with a photo showing Carter with a mustache reminiscent of Adolf Hitler putting up a Nazi salute. She also claimed he regularly made anti-LGBT jokes.

Neither WWE, Nash Carter, nor Wes Lee have issued a statement on the matter. Shortly after the allegations were made, Wes Lee’s wife created a Twitter account vehemently defending Nash Carter. She states the allegations from Kimber Lee are a retaliation after Kimber Lee was served divorce papers on April 4.

Nash Carter likely pulled from WWE 2K22 DLC pack

With Nash Carter out of the WWE in controversial fashion, the company will likely move to scrub him from future media related to the promotion. This will likely include the removal of MSK from the planned WWE 2K22 DLC schedule.

Nash Carter and Wes Lee were planned to be a part of the Stand Back Pack, which was set to land on June 7. It’s unknown whether Wes Lee will remain as part of the pack individually or whether both wrestlers will be pulled from the DLC pack. Fans will also have to wait and see if the pack gets a replacement wrestler or whether it will ship with just four wrestlers.

The NXT Tag Team Championship is also now in limbo. Though Wes Lee remains with the company, he likely won’t retain the titles as a singles act. The championship could be vacated and filled by other tag teams.


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