n0thing raps with The Verkkars in new Flashbang Dance music video

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Put your hands in the air and wave them like you just got pop flashed.

Electronic music duo The Verkkars and Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert have teamed up to create an official Flashbang Dance song. The release includes a music video, which features the crew cruising around Dust_2 Long A with tons of incredible animation. Both collaborators teased the music video on social media just before its release on October 1.

If the previous success of EZ4ENCE is any indication, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive might have just gotten a new crowd chant.

In addition to starring in the Flashbang Dance music video, former pro player n0thing lays down a fast-paced rap early into the song. His bars include CSGO-themed rhymes like: “Whole team sitting on my back/ Next rounds on me, I got zero cash” and “Balling like Gaben, feeling bit faded/ and even if I go blind I can still see all my haters.”

The Verkkars are a pair of Finnish electronic musicians with a fondness for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. While the pair have pursued more serious music projects, The Verkkar’s most famous work is all related to gaming. Their ode to Finnish squad ENCE has over 11 million listens on Spotify and its own in-game music pack. If Flashbang Dance becomes popular enough, it could get the same treatment.

When crafting a new CSGO anthem, the flashbang dance is an unexpected, but tasteful choice. n0thing’s trademark dance is synonymous with the 2015 “Summer of Cloud9” era, a beautiful yet brief golden era for North American CSGO. 

What is the Flashbang Dance? 

The Flashbang Dance is assumedly an original dance invented by nothing.

During a HyperX-sponsored boot camp, Cloud9’s historic 2015 CSGO roster gave an “ask me anything” interview with fan-submitted questions. When asked about the Flashbang Dance, Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham immediately put on some funky beats. He and n0thing began demonstrating the Flashbang Dance, much to the amusement of the rest of the team.

The sequence of funky moves is inspired by the sensation of getting blinded by a flashbang in CSGO. The first part involves covering your face while the later stages involve peeking out of cover and aiming a make-believe rifle.

Performing the Flashbang Dance with n0thing is a dream for many CSGO fans. Several pro players and personalities have tangoed with n0thing at LAN events and tournaments. Now he has the perfect flash-banger to accompany such an occasion.