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“My brain gets cooked”: TenZ complains about Evori Dreamwings bundle

By Olivia Richman


Jul 1, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

The recent Valorant weapon skin bundle, Evori Dreamwings, initially had gamers enchanted, mesmerized by the cute little animals and adorable animations. But now pro player Tyson “TenZ” Ngo is feeling some concerns over the new skins.

The Evori Dreamwings bundle was released with the drop of Episode 9 on June 27. Since then, players have been loving the adorable little creatures dancing around their guns, including an enchanting butterfly melee with sparkles and twinkles:

  • Lunari cat for Vandal
  • Solari mouse for Odin
  • Terrari rabbit for Spectre
  • Amari bear for Ghost
  • Evori butterfly for melee

It’s so cute, in fact, that the $100 price tag hasn’t seemed to phase the usually critical gaming community. But TenZ doesn’t seem to be as distracted by the cute critters.

TenZ reacts to Evori Dreamwings bundle

TenZ couldn’t help but agree that the Evori Dreamwings bundle is beyond cute and he complimented its looks. But he is a bit concerned that it could be too cute.

The Valorant pro explained that the skins are actually quite distracting, especially when the animations are going.

He wrote: “New skins are pretty fire but my brain gets cooked whenever I use it from the overdose of animations and sounds. Need an option to turn off skins client side so I don’t get nerfed in the middle of a game picking it up.”

The reaction to the Sentinel star’s opinion was mixed. Some felt that TenZ was complaining for no reason over some adorable skins and noted that the game is already colorful and fun. Others, however, felt that the animals were a bit distracting and agreed they were missing some shots. One even noted that it felt “overdone.”

Fans responded that TenZ should just “lower the gun level” to avoid the graphics and sounds.

It’s a funny complaint because a lot of players would most likely complain if the new weapon skin bundle was more plain and unassuming. It’s never been a hit when skins feel boring and lack creativity, leaving players feeling like they’re getting ripped off.

If you are finding yourself distracted by the skins, maybe keep them for casual games only.