MSI 2023 schedule, format, and qualified teams

By Melany Moncada


Mar 31, 2023

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The 2023 Mid-Season Invitational, shortened as MSI, is the first international event of the year. We are still a couple of weeks away from the event, but here is everything you need to know ahead of the massive global tournament.

MSI is the first international event of the year in 2023, and it is getting some major changes. The event received some criticism in 2022 due to the format and how some matches felt unimportant.

MSI 2023 location and Schedule

MSI 2023 is taking place in the Copper Box Arena in London, England. The venue has a capacity of 7,500 and will be completely packed.

The event will run between May 2 and May 21 when the MSI champion will be crowned.

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MSI 2023 Format

MSI is shaking things up in 2023 with a new format. The event will feature 13 teams, two more than in 2022. China, EMEA, North America, and Korea are getting two seeds each. PCS, Vietnam, Brazil, Japan, and Latin America are getting one seed each. It’s important to note that Türkiye and Oceania are no longer considered “regions” and no longer have seeds to MSI.

The event will be divided into two stages, the Stage 1 Play-In and the Stage 2 Bracket.

Stage 1 – Play-In

Eight teams, divided into two groups, participate in a double-elimination bracket. Matches are best-of-three with three teams advancing to the next round, the winner of each group and the winner of the Last Chance Qualifier Match.

Stage 2 – Bracket

Eight teams participate. Five were prequalified, and three from Stage one. Teams compete in a double elimination bracket, all matches are best of five.

MSI 2023 qualified teams

MSI 2023 features 13 teams competing for the title. Major regions have two representatives while minor regions will get one seed in the event.


Cloud9 and Golden Guardians are the two North American representatives heading to MSI. As the 2023 LCS Spring Split champion, Cloud9 is making it to the event as the first seed and starting in the Bracket Stage. Golden Guardians is heading to its first international event in the team’s history. It will be a trial by fire for the Guardians who start in the Play-In stage, where some fierce opponents await.


G2 Esports is the first team to qualify for MSI after becoming this year’s LEC Winter champion. The team secured a spot at the event and is still in contention for the LEC 2023 Spring title. Winning the Spring season would mean a better seeding at MSI, and G2 would prequalify for the Stage 2 Bracket, skipping Stage 1.


Gen.G and T1 are the LCK representatives heading to MSI 2023. In what many considered a major upset, Gen.G defended its title as reigning champion and earned its first back-to-back title. Both Gen.G and T1 are starting in the Bracket Stage, so the teams from Play-Ins can breathe easy knowing they won’t have to face the Korean juggernauts in the first round.

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JD Gaming and Bilibili Gaming are the two LPL representatives at MSI 2023. While other LPL super teams have crumbled, JD Gaming continues to stay strong and at the top of the LPL. The addition of former World Champion Park “Ruler” Jae-huyk gave the team the opportunity to reinvent itself. JDG will start its MSI run in the Bracket Stage where it is, alongside the LCK representatives, one of the strongest opponents.

MSI 2023 is the first international event for Bilibili Gaming, but not the first one for some of its players. The organization reinforced its roster with former JDG players like Zeng “Yagao” Qi and defending MSI champion and former RNG player Chen “Bin” Ze-Bin. Bilibili Gaming has the experience to take the Play-In stage by storm.  


PSG Talon will represent the PCS at MSI 2023. Spring was a season for adjustment in the Oceanic division. The league introduced a new Playoff format with the addition of the top two from the League of Legends Circuit Oceania. Playoffs weren’t the smooth ride PSG Talon expected. In all the rounds before finals, the team was pushed to game five. Now, PSG Talon is heading to MSI 2023 hoping to make it to the Bracket Stage.


Brazilian organization LOUD is making waves across multiple titles. The team is stepping onto yet another international stage, representing the CBLOL. LOUD took second place in the regular behind its rival, paiN Gaming. In the Playoffs, paiN and LOUD played the semifinals, where LOUD came on top. They met again in finals, where LOUD delivered the final blow. Expectations are high for the Brazilian squad at MSI 2023.

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When you think of the LJL, Detonation FM is the first name that comes to mind. Its the team from the region with the most international appearances and the most domestic titles. At international events, DFM is one of those teams that can disrupt the standings, pulling off major upsets when the opponent least expects it. DFM will start in the Play-In stage, hoping to make it to the main event this time around.


No other team at MSI 2023 had to fight as hard for their spot at the event as Movistar R7. The 11-time regional champion finished the regular season in third place and had a rough playoff run where it was pushed to the fifth game three times. R7 is not in the greatest shape, but the team is still hoping for a good performance at MSI.


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