Verdansk Call of Duty

Modern Warfare III teases return of iconic map Verdansk

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 10, 2023

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Modern Warfare III is the next in the Call of Duty franchise, and while this big upgrade will significantly change how the game looks, old-timers would feel at home.

Verdansk is one of the classic Call of Duty maps Activision pulled back in 2021 to launch Vanguard. Caldera replaced the iconic location, but players couldn’t move on. Now, Activision is taking the players back to a nostalgic ride in Verdansk. At least, that’s what the trailer points at. 

The latest Modern Warner III trailer was centered around Makarov, the main antagonist. But keen-eyed players noticed shots from Verdansk. 

Between the shots of Makarov walking through the prisons and tattoos melting, players recognized a familiar location. Posters, prisons, and stadiums, all teasers pointed at the return of Verdansk, but no official announcement has been made.

So far, Activision hasn’t announced the return of the legendary location, but players anticipate that it’d happen on August 17, during MW2’s big reveal. 

Verdansk has long been the highly requested map in COD. Now, it seems that Activision is likely bringing it back. If that happens, the chances of MW3 filling in the shoes of MW2 are higher. The current installment hit $1 billion in revenue in 10 days, rocking the gaming community. 

Verdansk could be making a comeback.
Courtesy: Activision- Call of Duty

It remains to be seen if MW3 leaves a similar mark, but so far, players have high hopes. 

Modern Warfare III release date

Modern Warfare III is slated for a November 10 release date across PlayStation and Xbox consoles and PC. 

Like any other big title, eager players would get an opportunity to try the game ahead of the global launch. Early access will reportedly begin on November 2, with beta weekends taking place between October 6-10 for Play Station. PC access may begin between October 12-16, according to the reports.


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