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Mizkif turns down $300K NFT sponsorship, doesn’t want “hate”

By Olivia Richman


Nov 7, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

NFTs are a big topic in the gaming industry, but the conversation isn’t always positive. This skepticism over NFTs has led to Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo turning down a $300K NFT sponsorship.

The popular Twitch streamer revealed in a recent stream that he turned down a hefty NFT sponsorship over fear of getting hate.

“I didn’t want to get hate on [Reddit]. Now I’m like, why the f— am I such a p—-? Like, why do I care?” Mizkif asked.

Mizkif didn’t reveal the exact company that reached out to him, but explained that he was offered $300K to promote NFTs. Mizkif called it “a lot of money,” seeming frustrated with his decision to turn down the opportunity.

Amouranth, G2, others in gaming get involved with NFTs

NFTs have been a popular topic over the past few months. Standing for “non-fungible token,” an NFT is a digital asset that is often considered to be a collectible, whether it’s art, music, or a digital photograph. There are some NFTs worth millions of dollars today, though this price is set by the demand for the digital item and thus can fluctuate.

G2 Esports and other competitive esports organizations have become involved in NFTs. There have been raffles for digital art, with some being rare and allegedly worth thousands of dollars already.

Streamers have also become heavily involved with NFTs, including Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa. The adult content creator recently sold an NFT for $120,000. The NFT was from a line called OnlyPunks, which features other streamers as well.

Mizkif has previously called out NFT companies. MyClips.tv was selling clips of streamers, including himself, as NFTs, some selling for as much as $700. Mizkif accused seller of using his clips to make money. This led Mizkif to message the site’s owner and hire an attorney.


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