Mizkif beats Elden Ring but loses over 200K Runes, here’s how

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 16, 2024

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Twitch streamer Mizkif has beaten Elden Ring, but fans are still mourning a significant loss of Runes rewards due to poor movement.

Elden Ring is easily one of the most difficult ARPG games and can take up to 100 hours for an average player to finish. Of course, if you’re a speed-runner, you may breeze past Malenia, the nightmarish boss, with only a few deaths. But even the best players have lost sleep over Elden Ring.

Most recently, Kai Cenat took up the challenge of beating it on livestream, which he did after 167 hours of streaming and 1700 deaths. Now Mizkif, who’s comparatively more experienced in souls-like, has finished the game. He did it much quicker compared with Kai Cenat, but a notable moment from the stream has players making fun of his big achievement.

Mizkif beats Elden Ring in record time, but at what cost?

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74 hours into the game, Mizkif started losing some of his sanity. So, when he beat Loretta but died right after, he was only focused on getting back into the field and killing the greater foe boss. At this moment, he had stacked 200K Runes rewards, which is actually a pretty big deal in Elden Ring.

All of it went into the drain when Mizkif slipped off a cliff and dropped his Runes outside of the map. He mourned the loss by walking away from his computer and then outside of the room, which the fanbase laughed in the chat. Some were truly heartbroken.

“I don’t think I can ever mentally handle this,” a fan on X said.

Runes are a valuable currency and experience points in Elden Ring. When a player dies, they can reclaim their dropped Runes. However, if the player dies outside the playable area, a Runes penalty is applied, resulting in the loss of all XP gained. This happened to Mizkif due to a moment of distraction.

In any case, he could find comfort in the fact that he completed one of the most challenging ARPGs within 96 hours, which is a great achievement.


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