Mirage one-man triple smoke from one angle is too OP

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 21, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

With Operation 11’s release, Valve rolled out a significant game-changer in the nade drop mechanic. This Mirage execute on A is an excellent example of how players are squeezing full juice out of this new feature. 

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, each player can equip a maximum of four grenades. Players must prioritize their nades according to the team’s needs since you can shop every utility only once, except flashbangs. This changed in September release notes when Valve made nades “dropable.” The game meta has switched drastically since the update, and this new Mirage setup proves why. 

The update introduced a brand new “utility specialist” role into CSGO, which entails that one player learns all lineups and throws them for his teammates. While players can still bag one-piece utility, teammates can drop another if there’s an empty slot. This Mirage setup makes A take easier for the utility specialist as he only has to throw three smokes from one angle, making it an overpowered one. 

Three crucial angles on Mirage must be smoked out to carry out a smooth takeover. Stairs, CT booth, Jungle previously required three players to pick different areas for lineups. However, the new update allows “utility specialists” to throw all three smokes from one angle, saving tons of time and effort. 

Here is how to take Mirage A site control

All three lineups begin from the door inside the terrorists spawn. Stand on the right corner of the door and place your crosshair at the edge of the tall building. Press jump and then throw key to release the grenade. The first one will land on stairs, blocking AWPer’s vision. 

For the second smoke, aim a bit lower and keep the crosshair on the wires. Jump and throw the smoke to block out the Jungle. The last one is for CT spawn, and it begins from the same spot. Place your crosshair on the left of the ledge, press the jump key, and then throw the smoke. 

This is how the setup should look like as shown by CSGO player KluksektheNoodle.

Using this setup, Ts can take A site control multiple times before CTs start holding close angles. If the execution begins to fail after a few tries, it can be used as a fake bait to lure enemies out of the B site. 


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