Miracle CSGO grenade sends AWP right into a player’s hands

Nick Johnson • March 1, 21:02
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s HE grenades have produced some awesome clips for players to show off, but this Reddit clip is a great example of things just working out.
Inferno players know that once a site is under attack, the round might get a little hard to win. It’s even harder if the player is on eco. But an HE grenade was all it took for one player to snag a serious upgrade in firepower.
But unlike Michael “shroud” Grzesiek, who used an HE to secure CSGO’s most powerful sniper rifle, this one was completely on accident.

CSGO player pulls off a grenade trick to rival Shroud’s famous AWP grenade

The clip starts out with the player in an awful spot. /u/MaddoxCS01 found themselves rotating in through CT to help defend B armed with only a pistol.
Not only that, but the classic CT smoke is already down Limiting his view and making a retake tricky. Before they moved to back up their teammate on site, the player tossed what looked like a Hail Mary HE to catch any Ts behind the smoke. What happened next could be called on of the luckiest HE grenades CSGO has ever seen.
The grenade exploded just before the B site boxes and launched a dropped AWP through the air, into church, and right into the player’s hands. The poster didn’t say whether or not they won the round, but another post had a shot from the game’s demo, showing exactly how perfect the grenade was.
It just goes to show that one grenade can make all the difference in an eco round. Usually it’s a flash bang, though.


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