MiBR drops LUCAS1, adds meyern ahead of CS Summit 5

Nick Johnson • December 12, 2019 1:34 am

MiBR announced the signing of Sharks Esports player Ignacio “meyern” Meyer in a video on the organization’s official Twitter account.

The signing comes a week after rumors surfaced that the Brazillian team was scouting him as a replacement for Lucas “LUCAS1” Teles. According to another tweet from MiBR, LUCAS1 is no longer on the roster. It is not clear whether he is a free agent or has been benched from the team.

meyern comes to MiBR from a Sharks Esports roster that made headlines at the ECS Season 8 Finals. Sharks faced off against Astralis on Nuke in the opening match of their group. The team stunned fans and viewers by taking the number one team in the world to overtime on their best map. Sharks Esports was ranked number 38 in the world at the time.

MIBR Sign Meyern before CS Summit 5

meyern looks to make a splash for MiBR at CS Summit 5

Reports had indicated that if MIBR was to sign meyern, it would happen before the start of CS Summit 5. In the announcement video, MiBR coach Wilton “zews” Prado confirmed he will make his debut at the whimsical tournament. MIBR’s first matchup at CS Summit 5 is against G2 Esports.

meyern’s signing may signal yet another role change for MiBR. Statistically speaking, meyern was close to the bottom of the Sharks Esports’ scoreboard in both the ECS Season 8 Finals and the ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals. That said, his skills with an AWP may have caught the attention of MiBR in-game leader Gabriel “FalleN” Toldeo.

Recently, reports surfaced that FalleN had taken over AWPing duties for the team once again. Meyern’s signing may mean that FalleN intends to return to his previous position with the team.

MIBR marks the young player’s first time on a top roster and it looks like he’ll face other top competition sooner rather than later. 

LUCAS1 Removed from MIBR

As for LUCAS1, his future is uncertain. Though he is one of Brazil’s most accomplished players courtesy of his time with Immortals and Luminosity Gaming, he finds himself in a rapidly changing CSGO scene. This could see him quickly land with a new organization, or possibly shelved for a length of time.


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