MIBR cuts fer and TACO in shock move, FalleN remains with team

By Nick Johnson


Sep 13, 2020

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MIBR has cut superstar players Fernando “fer” Alvarenga and Epitacio “TACO” de Melo, as well as head coach Ricardo “dead” Sinigaglia from its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Team after a series of poor performances. The release came a little over a week after dead was caught and suspended for his use of the CSGO coaching exploit in official tournament matches.

The cuts follow several tournaments’ worth of poor performances from the squad, including a ninth-place finish in Vie.gg Legend Series and a last-place elimination at Eden Malta Arena Vibes Cup 13.

All three former members spent the majority of their careers together alongside team captain Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo.

FalleN remains in control of MIBR as long-time vets abandoned

Despite the players’ individual performances, analysts have explained MIBR’s troubles on a lack of chemistry and teamwork, something that should be well under control considering the amount of time both the players and dead, the team’s manager-turned-coach, have spent with the team.

The trio, alongside current FaZe Clan player Marcelo “coldzera” David, spent years as one of CSGO’s best teams in a run that included two Major championships with Luminosity Gaming and SK Gaming.

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A statement from TACO on his official Twitter account made it clear that his separation from the team was not his decision, but one made by the organization. FalleN’s traditional role as captain and in-game leader suggests that he was a deciding factor in their removal.

“I just want to make it clear that it was a decision made exclusively by the organization. I’m sad that I have to leave my teammates FalleN, fer, kNg, trk and dead…” TACO said.

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MIBR now starts a rebuilding effort at the same time as fellow CSGO teams Gen.G and Cloud9, both of which have made significant changes in the past several days.

Suddenly, North America’s unsigned CSGO players have all the negotiating power as MIBR joins the two other organizations with their own rebuilding effort.

Alongside FalleN, MIBR currently has Alencar “trk” Rossato and Vito “kNgV-” Giuseppe on its roster. Prior to his transfer to FaZe, coldzera was left on MIBR’s bench for two months in 2019. While this was likely due to the star player’s high buyout cost, MIBR might stash both TACO and fer for some time.

TACO is a particularly attractive prospect for Cloud9, especially considering his time on Team Liquid and his familiarity with the region’s style of play.