Massive Augment changes in patch 11.24 overhaul Gadgets and Gizmos

By Nicholas James


Dec 8, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The new Teamfight Tactics patch has arrived and there are a ton of changes for players to get excited about. From Augments going up and down tiers to Innovator finally getting a nerf, Riot Games is shaking up the meta with the latest balance update.

Massive Augment changes overhaul Gadgets and Gizmos

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Riot Games is touching some traits but the biggest changes are a ton of new changes to come to Teamfight Tactics’ latest core mechanic of Hextech Augments. Riot wasn’t happy with how some trait-focused augments were being played and have added new functionalities.

The “heart” augments now grant a free unit of the relevant type alongside them, while “soul” augments that have emblem options now grant two emblems instead of two more effective units in their trait type. The traits that don’t have emblem options now grant 8 gold in addition to the old benefit.

The item grab bag augments have been fully removed, and lots of other augments have gotten moved up or down tiers and otherwise changed. March of Progress has been changed to grant five experience per round, and is now Prismatic. The full list of changes can be viewed in the patch notes.

Trait changes in TFT patch 11.24

Some traits are getting rejigged, with Chemtech being made to have larger payoffs but a set duration. Innovator’s second and third summons are getting nerfed, and Mutant’s Adrenaline Rush option has gotten a buff at both ranks. The last trait to see buffs is Clockwork, which grants more attack speed at four and six units active.

Champions are also getting rebalanced, with lots of high-end units getting their stats rebalanced. Akali sees a buff which Jayce’s melee form gets nerfed. Attack speed Galio sees nerfs, while cheaper units like Vex and Lux who have been a tad too strong also see downward trends in power.

Overall, these changes look to reinvigorate an already-exciting Teamfight Tactics set and set a bright future for the game.


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